In March 2012 Andreou Brothers and Vitex paints part of Yiannidis Group Greece came to the agreement of the exclusive distribution of Vitex products in Cyprus by our company.


In August 2008 the new warehouse was fully function in Aradippou industrial area on the same plot as the first warehouse was located. The new warehouse has an area of 1100 sqm and shelves with 12 meters height and by 2010 were the tallest shelves in Cyprus. .


On 6/12/2005 Andreou Brothers and Vivechrom under the direction of Mr. Petros Katsampouri came to the agreement for the exclusive distribution of Vivechrom products in Cyprus by our company. This agreement was with the consent of the companies P & P Ilikodomiki & Goldmese which were the distributors of Vivechrom in Cyprus at that time.


On 28/11/2005 our company took the exclusive distribution of Dolmar Germany, a subsidiary of Makita, the distribution moved to Andreou Brothers from M.C. Charalampous followed by a decision from Makita Head Quarters.


The two shops are joined to create a single area of 1,846 sqm ground floor 650 sqm loft and 460 sqm.on the 3rd floor, total of 2186 sqm, giving a boost to the activities of the shop.


The company acquired the store located next to the existing shop in Larnaca with an area of 450 sqm and 330 sqm with the intention to extend the existing shop.


The company buys a warehouse with an area of 500 sqm ground floor and 250 sqm loft in the industrial area of Aradippou, housing the wholesale Department.


This year is a milestone for the company, which influenced all subsequent development of the commercial Department of the company. After an agreement with the company P.S. Savvides Tools Ltd representing the company Makita in Cyprus, exclusive distribution of electric tools provided by the Commercial Department of our company. To meet these needs the company extended the 3rd floor into 460 sqm and this led to the creation of the wholesales department


On 23rd December 1991 began the construction of the company's privately owned Shop. 5th August 1992 the store moves in the new shop with an area of, 476sqm ground floor, 320sqm loft, and 240 sqm offices on the 3rd floor.


With the addition of wholesale sales the commercial department of the company continued to grow gradually and the need for greater space was foreseen. Two plots of land were bought in Kleoboulou Papakyriakou Street, 100 meters from the existing store.


The store has experienced strong growth (for these period?s facts), enriching the range of products and together its turnover. The adjacent shop is rented as well and joined together with the old shop into a single space area of 280sqm.


The workshop and the market needs for mechanical equipment in reducers, couplings, pulleys etc., which were not found in the Cyprus market forced the company to import them from abroad. The first exclusive distribution for the company was of Italian electric motors and reducers from Rossi Motoriduttori. From this point the shop begun to expand besides the retail sales and do the first wholesale sales and outside Larnaca.


A year later, on 5/7/1978, the store moved to a larger space facilities (due to the increase of trade and the vast amount of products), just behind the previous, a shop with 140 sqm twice the size of the first shop.


On 12/6/1977 the retail company A & P Andreou Brothers Ltd was founded, with the simple name (Andreou Brothers) that is established in the market so far. Without any professional background in the market, and with a view to survival in the aftermath of the events of 1974.