Textured emulsion paint

Textured emulsion paint based on PVA-VEOVA copolymer resins. It exhibits great hiding power and exceptional resistance to moisture and adverse weather conditions. It has very good levelling properties and forms a hard, non-cracking finish. Vitex's Relief can be applied to properly prepared surfaces of any material.

New surfaces made of plaster, concrete, cement, stucco, rendering, plaster-board,
etc. should be primed with Acrylic water-based Primer 100% diluted up to 400%
with water or Durovit (solvent-based primer) diluted up to 100% with Vitex's Brush
Solvent T-300. Surfaces previously covered with water paints or distempers (lime
wash or ceiling white) should be primed with Vitosin or Duroivt and then with one
coat of Vitex's Relief.

It is available in white. New additional shades may be produced using Vitex's basic colours.