Petrol Combi Multi-Tool

Displacement - 25,4 cc       
Engine - 4-Stroke
Power rating - 0,79 kw    
Carburetor - Diaphragm    
Fuel tank - 0,6 kg    
Dry weight - 4,6 kg

Any combination with the optional attachments can be made 

   1 196032-4  Extension shaft length 1m, compatible with & 195687-2 195730-7
                   2 195707-2 Cultivator with bumper, with a working width of 16cm and a Knife diameter of 23.2cm 
                   3 195730-7 Hedge trimmer with a total length 1.5m, double-cut blade 53.5cm width and angle of 135ο
                   4 195687-2 Chainsaw head  for cutting and removing branches, total length 116.6cm, with blade length 25.5cm and integrated oil container for automatic chain lubrication
                   5 195648-2 Brushcutter for the use of trimmer or blade Supplied with trimmer head
                   6 195522-4 Brushcutter Supplied with trimmer head